About The Digital Memories Archive

Newcastle Community News presents the online newspaper in text, pictures, sound (and video!). If you are reading this it means you have access to an Internet connection.

communityNow, together Newcastle City Library Priority Services we present Digital Memories, a multi media collection of stories and memories from people of Newcastle,
Tyneside, and indeed the whole of the North East. Some of the stories and pictures come from all over the world – sent to us by ex pat Geordies. We present this on PC’s running offline so that anyone can have access. It is now situated in community centres in Newcastle, in the Shields Road Resource Centre and we are also taking PC’s out on tour. Many of the people who see the archive express an interest in adding to it. We call these people Community Reporters. Some of these people live on Tyneside but many are ex pat Geordies. Training days and taster sessions have been arranged to get people started in acquiring the neccesary skills.

Steve Thompson